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               Variety, and all that.


I was once told by a gallery owner that they couldn't represent me because I followed too many disciplines; painting, sculpture, drawing, glass  crafts, pottery, photography, film making, collage, jewellery, etc. This threw me right off course for months. I couldn't get into the idea of choosing one thing and staying with it for the rest of my life. How suffocating! I could understand it to some degree, but to get stuck in a rut when there is so much to explore is unthinkable.  

Whether my work has any merit I don't know, I'm not out to change the world, just enjoy it.

I'm what's called an Outsider Artist. A posh name for 'self taught'. I'm not represented by anyone, so I represent myself.

Why 'artferret'? Because I love art and I love ferrets and ferrets are very curious about everything. It's a good way to be. I have written a book under that name about them and another, all about archaeology sites in West Penwith, Cornwall. It is called 'no stone unturned' and both are available now.


Cheers, me dears.




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