Some were created for fun in the landscape, some for display in gardens. At present we do not have any for sale, and the snow sculptures have long gone but here are some images. They are by John the Farmer unless otherwise stated. 


snow sculpture
snow sculptures

Snow, such a rarity in Cornwall.  When, in 2004 we had some of this precious stuff I quickly rolled some snowballs as I knew it wouldn't be here long. This gave me working material from which I made the above.

On the left is a hollow ball about 50cm high. I managed to cut out a hand silhouette which gave interesting shadows and shapes as the sun shone through. 

On the right are 6 hollow snowballs of varying sizes, the largest being about 25cm in diameter. They lasted a few hours then were gone. 


I very nearly had no record of these. I'd run out of film (film!) for my camera and had no money for more, BUT.. I had a video (video!) camera. Years later, when all my vids had been put on disc, I paused the disc and photographed the TV screen. 


Beach sculpture

What Rot!     About 30cm diameter.

Garden piece made from a decayed log.

I'd had some of these round the farm from some old tree I cut down years ago. I put an off-cut of copper sheet round this one and filled it with soil for my wife to use as as a planter. The log rotted away but left this ring where the copper nails went in.

A beach sculpture near the Red River, Gwithian Beach, Hayle, Cornwall, 2013. By Linda King.


Grey beach pebbles and quartz pebbles arranged into a cone. 

The cliffs here sometimes yield a soft yellow stone - ochre? - which can be used as a crayon. Here, I coloured some of the dull grey stones bright yellow.

I revisited the sculpture after a week and it was reasonably intact, but covered in blown sand.